Web hosting is a web service that permits you to publish your website files onto the net. So, anyone agency that has access to the net has access to your website. In follow, it always refers to the service you get from an internet hosting supplier like one.com. You need to pick one of the best web hosting providers for your website.

best web hosting providers

What is a Web Hosting?

In summary, firms like lend services and technologies to host your websites on the net. Once you’ve chosen your name and signed up for a web hosting arrangement, then your website is accessible on the net. When you use net hosting services, your net host is chargeable for ensuring your server is up and running. Not solely that, however, it’s additionally a host’s job to forestall any security breaches and store all of your files, assets, and databases onto the server.

The best Web hosting service

Web hosting offered by service suppliers like one.com keeps the company with a range of specifications and packages. Here is what to appear out for once you’re shopping: 

  • Any limitations on information measure and traffic; some net hosts charge additional once you hit an explicit variety.
  • Built-in web site Builder or one-click WordPress installations that build it simple for you to urge your website online quickly
  • Generous quantity of storage, particularly today with massive media files seizing several areas.
  • Email hosting bundled together with your website hosting arrangement. Several suppliers charge additional per email account or email hosting generally.
  • Variety of domain registration services that build it a one-stop shop. Having your domain registered with one supplier and hosted with another may be trouble. 
  • Great client support that’s offered once you would like it. As Associate in nursing example, one.com offers
  • 24/7 chat support in several languages.

Types of web hosting

Most net hosts can provide different kinds of hosting and each can vary in price. It all depends on your website’s wants. Let’s see the sort of hosting below

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is once a web hosting supplier hosts a variety of various websites on an equivalent server. It’s the foremost reasonable kind of hosting as a result of you sharing an equivalent server, therefore you split prices. If you’re wanting to begin a journal or have a business that is simply starting, then shared hosting may be a sensible possibility.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting merely means that hosting that has been optimized for WordPress on a server level to make sure sleek sailing.  It totally different from regular hosting in many ways

  1. Easy one-click installation that avoids the dozen close to manual steps in configuring a brand new WordPress website. At one.com, WordPress installs mechanically in beneath a second. 
  2. Server configurations optimized for quicker loading of WordPress sites. This might embody performance cache optimizations and different tweaks. 
  3. Security measures to safeguard against common WordPress vulnerabilities. As WordPress powers over a half-hour of the online, it frequently comes vulnerable. You would possibly additionally stumble upon “Managed WordPress”, which frequently refers to a pre-defined secure setting that restricts usage of unsupported or vulnerable plugins. 
  4. WordPress hosting will run on a shared, VPS, or dedicated servers.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual non-public Server. Like shared web hosting, websites that run on VPS share a physical server with different websites. However, every VPS tenant has its own partition with warranted dedicated resources. VPS hosting is usually recommended for extremely experienced users with server management skills. VPS customers have root access to their partition and may set up their server computer code, for instance, Ubuntu, CentOS, or Windows Server. This provides a high level of customization to run net apps designed for those systems. 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting means that you’ve got the whole server to yourself. It provides you access sort of a VPS, however, you don’t get to share the server with different sites or apps. Effectively, you’re leasing a physical net server housed at your service provider’s facility. You furthermore may have skilled support and experience to be had once required. This top-end net hosting is just guaranteed for extremely stringent enterprise-grade websites. Little and medium-sized businesses oughtn’t to pay thousands monthly to rent a passionate net server for his or her business.

Cloud Hosting

These days, cloud hosting has become a touch of a nebulous term. So, we might powerfully advocate wanting closely at what you’re obtaining if you’re sign language up for “Cloud Hosting”. In the starting, “cloud hosting” noted a VPS setup scalable to multiple servers; in this fashion, if your net application had a sharp traffic spike, the system would be ready to provision a lot of resources and keep things running swimmingly.

Top ten best web hosting providers

We have selected the simplest ten internet hosting firms supported by an in-depth analysis. These firms square measure hierarchal on the idea of their period of time, speed, usability, features, and support. You’ll see the costs and options offered for his or her packages. Clicking on the ‘View Information’, you’ll dive into details of the businesses to create your alternative.

1. Hostinger

best web hosting providers in the world

Hostinger was created in 2004 and has noninheritable around 29M users until January 2017. It offers you internet hosting with the essential package of ₹59/mo.


2. Bluehost

best web hosting providers in the world

Bluehost is providing the web hosting service from the year 2003 and has hosted over 2 million websites worldwide. they’re a lot committed to WordPress hosting and supply higher solutions for it. The essential arrangement starts at ₹289.84/mo.

3. HostGator

best web hosting providers in the world

HostGator got started within the year 2002 and until February one, 2003, it had 112 active customers. And until February one, 2004, the active customers were recorded around 1,031. Their basic arrangement starts at ₹99/mo

4. GoDaddy

best web hosting providers in the world

GoDaddy offers you a 99.9% period of time and 24/7 client support with the beginning arrangement of ₹199/mo. They give you a special supply of ‘Shop a lot of. Earn more’ i.e., you get the Amazon vouchers for a lot of products you purchase.

5. iPage

best web hosting providers in the world

iPage is a web hosting that was based within the year 1998 and has hosted over 1 million websites. They contemplate themselves because of the reliable and reasonable internet hosting service suppliers. Their basic arrangement starts at ₹146.02/mo (excluding VAT).

6. InMotion

best web hosting providers in the world

InMotion Hosting is a web hosting that has received an A+ rating from a higher Business Bureau, which may be a client protection agency. InMotion provides you with the business hosting beginning at ₹182.71/mo.

7. GreenGeeks

best web hosting providers in the world

GreenGeeks internet web Hosting offers you internet hosting that’s quicker, climbable, and eco-friendly. GreenGeeks has forty years of expertise within the internet hosting business and has over 35000 customers. Their basic arrangement starts at ₹182.71/mo.

8. Reseller Club

best web hosting providers in the world

Reseller Club provides you with the choice to pick their own shared hosting as an alternative HostGator shared hosting. It additionally provides you Bluehost VPS and Bluehost and HostGator dedicated server. It additionally provides you with the G Suite skilled email.


9. MilesWeb

best web hosting providers in the world

MilesWeb was started within the year 2012 and has become celebrated because of its low price best options. Currently, MilesWeb provides you web hosting service beginning at simply ₹40/mo. Their customers love them for providing the 99.95% period of time and 24/7/365 days technical support.



10. A2 Hosting

best web hosting providers in the world

A2 Hosting offers you a 99.9% period of time with anytime a reimbursement guarantee. it had been started back in 2001 and their basic arrangement starts with ₹219.40/mo.

Free vs Paid internet hosting

By choosing free hosting, you will encounter issues like unwanted advertising on your page and their name in your uniform resource locator. Once you purchase internet hosting, you’re fully management of what content is on your website.

There square measure varied reasons for why you must select paid internet hosting over free internet hosting:

  • Information measure & space – Free internet hosts can provide a lower information measure and restricted space to their users. Paid internet hosting offers unlimited information measures and space.
  • Content limitations – not like paid internet hosting, with free hosting the number of pictures and videos you’ll transfer, is limited.
  • Security breaches – Paid internet hosting sometimes comes with abundant higher security. By employing a free internet hosting supplier, you’ve got the next risk of a security breach. This suggests your customer’s MasterCard data and different knowledge will be taken.
  • Name & uniform resource locator – Free hosting suppliers can offer you a website name, with their name in your uniform resource locator. Once you use paid hosting suppliers, you’ll get a custom uniform resource locator and may select your name.
  • Server speed – Free internet hosting servers usually overload, which suggests you will wait through many hours of the regular period of time. Paid hosting suppliers supply high-speed drives, with a secured period of time.


When talking concerning the key selections organizations should create once selecting an online hosting resolution, as a result of your website being your best employee. Therefore, once choosing an online hosting supplier, you wish to search out somebody World Health Organization will support at each stage of your business i.e. somebody World Health Organization will grow with you. When selecting the right product from their menu, you should obviously pick something that fits your needs now but you should be aware of whether they have the products you’ll need a year or two down the line.

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