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As a startup founder looking to get funded, presenting your pitch in an effective way to investors is the biggest challenge. Pitch Deck helps you in creating funding decks that will get you noticed quickly and easily.

Pitch Deck Building Process

From ideation to delivery, we’ve got you covered. We know that information is complex, so we work hard to simplify it.

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A good pitch deck should be able to explain to the Investor

  • What made you start your company
  • What problem your products/ services are solving
  • Size of the market your product is targeting to
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product
  • Present or past investors (if any)
  • Past Sales Figures of the product (if any)
  • Financial Forecast
  • How many funds are required
  • How will you utilize the fund
  • How much are you involved in the business
  • Impactful Design:

There’s nothing worse than a presentation that doesn’t make a point. With scenario-crafted templates, drive displays to valuable outcomes.

  • Stunning Graphics:

Translate all your stories into easy–to–understand visuals with thousands of charts, diagrams, shapes, videos, and icons designed to perfection.

  • Content Distribution:

Use Pitch Deck as a media hub without the burden of a media center. Give people a single source of truth document to follow your company updates.

  • Remote Meetings:

Whether traveling around the globe, between offices, or on your commuter train, you can jump right into a presentation that has to be made.

Time and money are the most valuable things in business. Every startup founder understands it, and so do Venture capitalists.

Due to this reason, we do precise work in our pitch deck.

Techax Labs makes sure that your vision regarding the business is conveyed to the Venture Capitalist/Investor.

Each slide in the Pitch Deck we create is easy to understand. Techax Labs ensures that your business's Pitch Deck is of impressive quality.

Turn Investor Heads Faster

Start-ups that pitch to investors have a tiny window to communicate their story, get a positive reaction, and convince the investors they’re the real deal. Over the past years, we’ve helped hundreds of start-ups raise more capital, and we can help you too! We’ll help you communicate your business and vision clearly and compellingly and sell yourself as the founder.

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